Educators and Creatives: FiftyThree to Launch Think Kit for Paper. They’re also hiring!

Makers of Paper, Pencil & Mix to Offer Think Kit

New tool for Pencil users allows creatives, communicators and educators to quickly create diagrams, charts, and presentation sketches. As an added bonus, jobs are created.


Via FiftyThree News

Three years ago, we launched Paper and so began our quest to build indispensable tools for the everyday creator. Since then Paper has been downloaded over 13 million times and been used to create over 150 million ideas! In late 2013, we introduced Pencil, which quickly became the top-selling digital stylus in the world and defined the standard for working with pen and touch on iPad. Last fall we released Mix, a new service in Paper that allows everyone to find inspiration and build off of each others’ ideas, which just welcomed its one millionth member.

For a growing team like ours, these have been significant achievements, but there remains a great deal for us to do. Every day we hear from educators who want to use Mix in the classroom, or people who work with teams and clients who want quicker, more human ways to present information without having to navigate finicky software. We want to reach and help these creators, too.

Today, we’re happy to welcome our new partners Dayna Grayson and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) to FiftyThree. Alongside our existing investors, NEA will help FiftyThree grow our team and product offerings, particularly in business and education. As a leading investor in widely used enterprise services like Box, Tableau, and Workday, NEA is a great partner to help us build a new crop of tools for creative thinking.

At FiftyThree, we’re committed to building the best mobile tools for creativity, and we’re excited to share that we’ve already begun. MeetThink Kit, the next generation of tools coming soon to Paper.


Launching this April, Think Kit will dramatically speed up the creation of diagrams, charts, and presentation sketches for those times when you need to quickly show an idea to a client, to your team, or to a classroom full of students.


FiftyThree is hiring!


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