Way To #LeanIn, NFL. Now, About That Tax Exemption…

Congratulations, Sarah Thomas!

The NFL just confirmed the first female to officiate for the National Football League.

In the off-season, Thomas is a pharmaceutical rep and mom to a daughter and two sons.

“They just know mom officiates and it’s nothing foreign to them or pioneering or anything.”

Being “first” is pretty pioneering, especially when it’s been nearly 100 years in the making. Continue reading Way To #LeanIn, NFL. Now, About That Tax Exemption…


Canada’s Corporate Knights Announces Top 40 in CSR

Future 40: Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada

The difference between Corporate Knights’ Future 40 ranking and its annual Best 50 ranking has to do with the size of the companies represented.

To make the Best 50, companies need to have at least $2 billion in revenues. Under that, companies fall into the Future 40.

The information that makes up the Future 40 is collected from publicly traded companies that disclose their environmental, social and governance data either through CSR/sustainability reports or some other publicly accessible medium. That data is aggregated by organizations such as Bloomberg. For non-publicly traded companies, reports identified by the GRI are used. Continue reading Canada’s Corporate Knights Announces Top 40 in CSR

M+R On Celebrity Endorsements for Nonprofit Causes & Issue Awareness

“[A celebrity] can say, ‘Organization X is a bunch of goddamn heroes doing amazing work every single day — and if you support them then you are my hero, too.’ Your CEO can’t get away with that sort of thing, because that would be weird and braggy and ugh. A celebrity can speak as a fan, as a supporter, as an outsider — and since we feel like we already know this person, that’s something we can connect to.” – M+R, How to Write Like a Rock Star

Some of the best advice for nonprofits can be found at M+R Lab. It isn’t often that good advice and free advice can exist in the same space-time continuum, but M+R has it figured out. As a full-service nonprofit consulting firm with several offices across the US, their portfolio is certainly worth looking through.

M+R is 100 smart people who help nonprofits achieve real, lasting change. We mobilize supporters, raise money, and move the media, the public, and decision-makers. We only work with clients we believe in. We take risks. We work hard. We’re leaders, we’re organizers, and we don’t stop until we win.

Pretty motivating, right? You can subscribe to M+R Labs newsletter here.


M+R is hiring!


P.s.  If you’re a professional or organization working in the philanthropic sector, follow Philanthropologist- the Brain Trust of Philanthropy  @PhilanthroTrust.

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US-Mexico Exchange Program: Classes Without Borders and Teach for America

US-Mexico Foundation: A Binational Initiative for DREAMers

After committing more than $1.8 million in 4Q14 grants, Western Union Foundation donates $150,000 to support a cross-border exchange program that will impact 10,000 students. Continue reading US-Mexico Exchange Program: Classes Without Borders and Teach for America

Ice Cube’s a Pimp, a Goodyear Blimp, and a Model for CSR- Webinar 3-18-2015

Today Was a Good Day

The accidental creation of the Good Day blimp.

Ice Cube’s a pimp. Goodyear has a blimp. Why not put the two together to raise awareness and donations for charity? This webinar discusses how corporate social responsibility is changing and how to replicate the model.

Here’s the appeal that went viral, crowdfunded for charity, and convinced Goodyear to take advantage of this unforseen opportunity.

Proceeds benefited A Place Called Home in LA, which brings caring staff, supporters and volunteers together to provide South Central children and teens 8 to 21 years old with love, safety, enrichment, training, and opportunities through educational programs, counseling, and mentorships. After-school, weekend, and all-day summer programs and services include tutoring and homework support, as well as a full spectrum of instruction in the arts, athletics,
dance and music.

How to Participate

Join 3BL Media moderators and Doug Grassian, senior manager of Goodyear airship communications and Joe Waters (@joewaters), founder of Selfishgiving.com and author of “Cause Marketing for Dummies.” to discuss the company’s high-profile response to the campaign and how it influenced the opportunity to be palpable for Goodyear while still recognizing the core desire of the campaign. –

Webinar attendees will gain insight into Goodyear’s decision to engage in real-time with a previously unknown charity and a famous hip hop artist. A media coverage analysis will also be shared.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 866-508-0993 x123 For more from this organization: 3BL Media
About 3BL Media 
Founded in 2009, 3BL Media is the leading news distribution and content marketing company focused on niche topics including sustainability, health, energy, education, philanthropy, community and other social and environmental topics. The company works with organizations including multinational corporations, SMEs, and non-profits to distribute multi-format media assets through social, traditional and new media channels. 3BL Media leverages its expertise in communications, technology and social media to enable organizations to more effectively communicate about their initiatives to the press, investors, consumers and other critical stakeholder groups.  Visit us at CSRwire.comJustmeans.comSocialEarth.org and 3blmedia.com.


“Opportunistic CSR: Goodyear’s Accidental Adventure With Ice Cube,”

Date: Wednesday, March 18

Time: 2:00 pm ET

Attend: Click here to register