What philanthropy activities are sponsored by Apple?

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Apple Philanthropy Sows Seeds of Change

On the heels of Tim Cook’s announcement that he’s dedicating his fortune to charity, the timing of this question is excellent. True, Steve Jobs did cut Apple’s corporate philanthropy programs, focusing instead on creating technology that would benefit people, and then passing benefits on to shareholders. Some agree, and others disagree with Jobs’s decision, but that philosophy skyrocketed Apple into becoming the global company and brand we know today. Continue reading What philanthropy activities are sponsored by Apple?


Mental Vacay: Stockholm, Sweeden + Vision Zero Lead the Way to Walkable Cities

 Vision Zero

Stockholm’s effort to reduce road deaths to zero by 2020 has become an international model for “walkable cities.”

“Most transpo devotees are familar with Sweden’s incredible success of Vision Zero, a goal to eventually curb road deaths and serious injuries to zero by 2020. Many cities worldwide, especially in the United States, have now adopted various forms of it.”

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Invest in US, Divest from Guns #ImUnloading

Gun-free Investing, By the Numbers


Our parent company Philanthrope Internationale [PI] and its holdings are committed to socially responsible investing. We are proud to support the #ImUnloading campaign and committed to gun-free investments.

Learn more & stand with us! See if your investment portfolio includes gun manufactureres, take the pledge for gun-free investing, and unloadyour401k.com

M+R On Celebrity Endorsements for Nonprofit Causes & Issue Awareness

“[A celebrity] can say, ‘Organization X is a bunch of goddamn heroes doing amazing work every single day — and if you support them then you are my hero, too.’ Your CEO can’t get away with that sort of thing, because that would be weird and braggy and ugh. A celebrity can speak as a fan, as a supporter, as an outsider — and since we feel like we already know this person, that’s something we can connect to.” – M+R, How to Write Like a Rock Star

Some of the best advice for nonprofits can be found at M+R Lab. It isn’t often that good advice and free advice can exist in the same space-time continuum, but M+R has it figured out. As a full-service nonprofit consulting firm with several offices across the US, their portfolio is certainly worth looking through.

M+R is 100 smart people who help nonprofits achieve real, lasting change. We mobilize supporters, raise money, and move the media, the public, and decision-makers. We only work with clients we believe in. We take risks. We work hard. We’re leaders, we’re organizers, and we don’t stop until we win.

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M+R is hiring!


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How to Art Hack Your City’s Reputation for Gloomy Weather


This street art project in Seattle uses invisible sidewalk ink.

It only appears when there’s rain.



“It’s sort of the ideal Seattle art. It’s going to rain no matter what. Why not do something cool with it?”

Local magician Peregrine Church has created 25 to 30 such “rainworks” around town, with more to come. He hopes the sidewalk messages will bring a little cheer to people who are sick of the blah weather.

To write their messages, Church and his friend Xack Fischer spray a biodegradable, environment-friendly, water-repellant coating onto the sidewalk through a stencil. When it rains, the surrounding concrete gets wet, but the sprayed bit of concrete stays dry.

Inspired? Here’s a two-minute explainer on how to make your own Rainwork.

h/t Citylab, @Tanvim


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Are Magnetic Liquids Key to Making Chemo Suck Just a Little Bit Less?

The Power of Neodymium Magnets

Smart Fluid

How Fluid Mechanics & Plasma Physics May Help Cancer Patients

Ferrofluid is a liquid that reacts to a magnetic field. It’s usually made from a mixture of oil and tiny iron particles. A portmanteau of ferromagnetic and fluid, ferrofluid s a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. It was invented in 1963 by NASA’s Steve Papell as a liquid rocket fuel that could be drawn toward a pump inlet in a weightless environment by applying a magnetic field.

In addition to science, technology, and even art applications, ferrofluid is being tested in magnetic drug targeting.

This process would drastically decrease the necessary dose for a treatment down to a level at which there would be no adverse side effects.

Almost all applications in medicine exploit the extreme relative size difference between magnetic nanoparticles and living cells. The applications presented in this section make use of ferrofluids composed of iron oxide nanoparticles and are called SPION, short for superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles.

Magnetic Drug Targeting

In this process the drugs would be enclosed by a layer of ferrofluid in some way. The combination would be injected into an area of the patient’s body that required the drug treatment. The drugs would then be held in the desired location by a magnetic field and allowed to act for a time period (approximately 1 hour). The field would then be turned off and the drugs would be allowed to disperse through the body.

This process would drastically decrease the necessary dose for a treatment down to a level at which there would be no adverse side effects once the drug is released from the magnetic field. The motivation behind this type of treatment is for it to be used for drugs with adverse side effects, i.e. chemotherapy.


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Donate to Charity Via New Instagram Ads

Scroll or Swipe?

Philanthropy is about to become instantaneous.

Get ready nonprofits. Instagram is rolling out clickable ad functionality.

This new iteration allows you to link to your site or add a donate button along with the ad photo. Previously, user interface and interaction required Instagram followers to go back to your profile to link to your page. For now, the roll-out is limited to a few select companies that are working with Instagram to analyze user experience. So, get your awareness campaigns ready to launch. All of Instagram’s ad functionality will be available soon.

Throwback Thursday- The Prohibition

Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History

Now at American Museum of National History

Exhibit runs through January 10, 2016

photoEsslinger’s Repeal Beer Label

(NARA ID: 7788303Since the first European settlers arrived, Americans have enjoyed a drink. At times, many of us have enjoyed a lot of drinks. But other Americans, fearing the harm alcohol could do to society and to individuals, have tried to limit or even stop our drinking defining when and where we could consume alcohol.

photoClose the Saloons!

(NARA ID: 16647175)These two, different views of alcoholic beverages run throughout American history. Sometimes they have existed in relative peace; at other times they have been at war. “Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History” uses National Archives documents and artifacts to show how government programs and policies changed over time and to illustrate the wide variety of views Americans hold about alcohol. The stories they tell echo today’s debates on regulation of drinking and the legalization of drugs.

Google Art Project to Host Art Talk: History from the Women’s Perspective

“New Beginnings: Immigrant Women and the American Experience”

Join a live #ArtTalk  with the National Women’s History Museum about History from the Women’s Perspective!
History is full of exciting stories about interesting people who achieved amazing things. All too often, however, the popular narrative has not included women. Using National Women’s History Museum’s newest exhibit on the Google Cultural Institute “New Beginnings: Immigrant Women and the American Experience”, we’ll discuss how to incorporate women’s perspectives into historical stories.

Browse through the online exhibit  and submit questions prior to the event!

3-23-15, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
Hangouts On Air – Broadcast for free
RSVP here